Stand with Ukraine!

Wojtek Osuchowski: Poland

Dear Friends!

Association of Graphic Designers The 4th Block would like to express its most sincere gratitude to all of you who support Ukraine in this difficult time. We continue our open-end poster campaign. This struggle of our entire nation demonstrates our unity as well as the fortitude of the entire international design community that stands with us in our battle for human rights, freedom, and peace. Together we fight against Russia which wages a brazen and gruesome war in Ukraine.

On February 24, 2022, at 4:30 am, as the first Russian missiles began falling on our cities, this war entered a new and unprecedented in its brutality phase of senseless and gruesome extermination of Ukrainians as a nation and our country as a sovereign state. Millions of women, children, and the elderly were forced to leave their homes after the Russian bombardments reduced them to rubble. In a matter of days, millions of innocent civilians became homeless refugees.
Bombs, rockets, and missiles that rip through the sky day after day, hour after hour annihilate our beautiful cities in the Ukrainian north, south, and east. Thousands of civilians have already perished from barbaric airstrikes and artillery bombardments of our towns and villages. The heroes of the Ukrainian armed forces fearlessly combat the invading Russian hoards, not leaving them even a glimmer of hope. We will fight to the end. We will never retreat. We are defending our land, our relatives, and our friends! By defending our land, we are protecting Europe. Freedom is our choice, and we’ll surely be victorious! Glory to Ukraine!

Send your poster files to: We are continuously publishing posters on our internet platforms, submitting them to anti-war poser calls and exhibitions here in Ukraine and abroad.

Printed posters:
70×100 sm / RGB, 200 dpi / JPG, PDF
Animated artworks:
Max. time 20 sec.
Сodecs: full HD 1920/1080
MP4 (H.264 50 mb/s) or MOV (H.264 quality 100)

Please sign files in English in the following order: Country_First Name_Last Name_Title of the poster.

The subject of the letter: Stand with Ukraine!

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