Nominations 2018


1. Woman / Peace
Posters which are dedicated to peace as a necessary condition for life of a human being. Peace and ecology are essential parts of the harmonic world. It’s a basis needed for every society to develop and to create something beautiful in the end. We don’t want war — we want peace!

2. Children / Hope
Posters which are dedicated to children as the future of mankind. Posters introducing eco-thinking to the young audience, Posters encouraging adults to care.

3. Cats))) Love
Posters reflecting the beauty of the surrounding world, humanity, and kindness, calling for coexistence and caring attitude of human
to the remains of living nature in urbanized spaces of modern habitat.

4. Special Project ART OF DATA
For the first time during the triennial, there will be held a 48-hour «Hackathon». Designers and IT specialists are invited to joint projects on environmental and social issues: interaction between human and nature, citizens and urban environment.

Posters for the exhibition will be accepted as in a traditional way of printed (paper version) and animated posters as well (electronic files designed to be shown through media-Inter- net, plasma screens, projector).

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3 thoughts on “Nominations 2018

  1. Not really!
    The 4th Block 2018 exhibit as an event will take a place only in April 2018.
    All awarded posters will be announced by then.
    Now, this is just a gallery with only some posters that we got so far.

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