Zero Corruption Poster Call is Closed

Luka Prstojevic, Serbia

Thank you all for participating! All posters you can see here.
We will keep you posted about exhibits dates and openings.

The project takes place as an international poster campaign to support the Zero Corruption Conference occurring in Kyiv and Chernobyl in April 2020. The event aims to show the connection between corruption and money laundering and environmental, economic and regional security problems.

The project’s first runs will take place in April 2020, at the International Forum of Zero Corruption Conference in Kyiv, in the Arsenal Art Center
A part of the exposition will be demonstrated in Chernobyl. The project will resume within the XI International Triennial of Eco-Poster, The 4thBlock, in Kharkiv in April 2021.

Golden Bee Global Biennale Of Graphic Design (Serge Serov)
PosterTerritory (Olga Severina)

Fabian Emmanuel Muñoz, Mexico #ZeroCorruption

Posters by: Luka Prstojevic, Serbia and Fabian Emmanuel Muñoz, Mexico