All designers are so serious, busy, correct, cool and amazing. Biennales, exhibitions, competitions of the poster, that “died” back in the 90’s, multiply like rabbits in the spring.

Designers naively think that the world will get better from the fact that they will create another poster, get a bunch of “likes” on Facebook and boast another certificate.

But let’s be honest, laugh at all this, and meet the apocalypse (global warming, fires, deforestation, epidemics, harassment of hamsters and the destruction of foxes for fur) with a smile on our faces. .Why trying to be nature-protectors, when a human can’t be changed with the poster. Even with the most genius one.

Let’s do something useful: plant a tree, clean the trash, put on a mask, finally… Let’s make photos and record videos in any form and then show to the world on your own example what and how to do to save your future…

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