Environment – Anti-Corruption – Security


A special project of the International Triennial of Eco-posters The “4th Block” in association with Zero Corruption Conference.

The project takes place as an international poster campaign to support the Zero Corruption Conference occurring in Kyiv and Chernobyl in April, 2020. The event aims to show the connection between corruption and money laundering and environmental, economic and regional security problems.

All information about ZERO CORRUPTION (PDF) is here: 

What is our goal? 

All the countries on their way to democracy have to fight hard with corruption. 
Millions of their citizens stand for justice and democratic values. However, powerful political and business barons actively oppose this movement. These processes are especially evident within the former soviet state and in Ukraine particularly. The transition to democracy cannot happen in developing countries without profound changes in the rest of the world. 

Kleptocrats from poorer countries acquire assets, real estate, and invest in the business of developed countries. So, venal practices penetrate into the financial system of the Western countries and infects the foundations of an open society. A vicious circle of dirty cash flows challenges the democracies of the entire planet. How can we build a zero corruption future together? 

Projects goals

– Unite the designers of the world and all the forces of goodwill in the fight against global negative challenges.
– Influence politicians and government agencies to address these issues
– Foster the growth of moral awareness and social cohesion.


Ecology and climatecrisisImminent adverse climate change raised millions of citizens to protect the planet from an inevitable ecological disaster which can only be prevented by changing the way of thinking.  
Social networks and new digital technologies have become a weapon both in the hands of modern knights of light and in the hands of dark figures of misinformation and lies.

Keywords: earth, resources, responsibility, life, environment, nature, crises, climate, warming, chaos, fear, ignorance, family, migration, condition 

Corruption as a threat to global security. People all over the planet feel insecure. We see a continuous standoff between truth and false information, autocracy and democracy, human rights and the right of power, the free world and closed societies. Dictators and criminal lords challenge the idea of a liberal democracy that has ensured relative stability and peace during the last 70 years. Sustainable peace and safety constructed of the ashes of great wars of the 20th century began to totter and demand changes. Corruption besides exhausting natural resources of the world’s poorest peoples crosses borders through dirty financial flows and poisons developed democratic nations. 
The army of lobbyists, lawyers, PR consultants, bankers and other Western experts becomes the middleman between criminal capital from kleptocratic societies and democratic societies. Corruption and organized crime are the threat to global security acting like radiation which

Keywords: economy, mafia, society, crime, bureaucracy, politics, morality, interest, law; crime, bribery, court, kickback, bribe, bank, income, enrichment, greed, money, business, benefit, conscience, thief, economy, state, official, power, clans, elite, world.

Digital reality and mental health. Digital corporations became sort of a state in the state without having to pay taxes, as their revenues are hidden offshore. 

Through financial institutions dirty kleptocratic capital gains access to information about the hidden fears and desires of people and create a new world of post-truth, lies and misinformation. This world bases itself upon fear, anger and greed; it offers simple solutions for complex problems; it creates enemies embodied in refugees and gentiles, and makes heroes out of criminals. The post-truth world calls white black and black — white.

Keywords: negativity, society, disease, degradation, limitedness, gadgets, system, standards, lie, cell, mutation, bots. 

Types of posters 

(A) Printed
(B) Animated
(C) Interactive

Technical requirements 
Printed posters: vertical format size 70 × 100 cmCMYK color model, 200 dpi file type JPG, PDF 

Animated posters: Max. time 20 sec
codecs: full HD 1920/1080MP4 (H.264 50 Mb / s) or MOV (H.264 quality 100)+ PDF (still frame) file for directoryFrame from CMYK animation poster, 300 dpi,PDF, TIF 

Interactive posters: file must be prepared in encoded format + PDF (still frame) file for directory CMYK Interactive Poster, 300 dpi, PDF, TIF

Files must be signed in English in the following order: Country_Family_Name_PostertitleLetter subject: Zero Corruption
Address Files should be sent to 10triennial4block@gmail.com 

January 31, 2020 

The project’s first runs will take place in April, 2020, at the International Forum of Zero Corruption Conference in Kyiv, in the Arsenal Art Center(https://artarsenal.in.ua/en/). 

A part of the exposition will be demonstrated in Chernobyl. The project will resume within the XI International Triennial of Eco-Poster, The 4thBlock, in Kharkov in April, 2021.

The catalog will be published before the exhibition start in Kyiv and Chernobyl. 

Beyond this, all the works will be included in a separate section in common catalogue of the “4th Block” Triennial. All participants passed the qualification will get the Diploma of the participant. TermsOrganizing committee of the Zero CorruptionConference may use the submitted posters for non-commercial purposes in printed materials, public events and forum advertising. Participation in the project signifies the authors’ agreement to these terms. 

Exhibition curator
Oleg Veklenko (President of The “4th Block ” Triennial) 

Golden Bee Global Biennale Of Graphic Design (Serge Serov)
PosterTerritory (Olga Severina)